Residence without gainful activity (3600 ¤)

For beeing resident in Andorra without gainful activity you don´t have to be andorranian, you have to establish your main residence in Andorra and  for at least 90 days per year and you can not do any work or professional activity, although resident can develop the  necessary activities to manage their own assets and functions that correspond to the management of societies in equity capital which holds a 50% or greater and whenever the office administrator is not paid.

- Be an adult or emancipated minor and not beeing incapacitated
- Proof-sufficient economic means as required by law
- Justify the coverage for Andorra of an insurance for sickness, disability and retirement and as well for the people who is in charge
- Demonstrate the renting or the owning a home
- Commitment writing set and effective primary residence in Andorra and keep in force the insurance contract
- Investment of at least € 400,000 in any of the types of assets listed below:
   1. Real Estate in Andorra
   2. Shares or equity capital of companies resident in Andorra
   3. Debt instruments issued by any public administration in Andorra
   4. Unpaid deposits in the Andorran National Institute of Finance (INAF)
- Make cash and deposited in the Andorran National Institute of Finance (INAF) the amount unpaid of € 50,000 plus € 10,000 for every person in charge
- Commitment written enforce the minimum investment of € 400,000 over a maximum period of 6 months