Residence and work (1800 ¤)

As Manager of a company, you may choose to be resident in Andorra.

This formula is the cheapest compared to the requirements of passive residences.

The application process of active residence can only be initiated once the company has been formed, the opening of trade procedures, registration and enrollment in the CASS and Tax Agency have ended (4 months from the beginning of creation corporate formalities).

- Must have a residence in Andorra
- Must reside in the Principality at least 183 days a year
- You should verify that there is space
- Contract of indefinite work
- The company must pay the administrator a minimum of € 2,045 per month
- You have to contribute to the CASS (Andorran Social Security Fund), the price is 20% of salary. From the first day , you can request a waiver of 50%. These quotes are entitled to health coverage and accumulate points to enter to the retirement system.
- Registration at City Hall
- Must sign at the embassy or consulate of the country of origin, if it is the case
- Standardize driving license within a maximum period of 12 months, if it is the case
- Make a change of license plates of the vehicle (s) on behalf of the resident, if it is the case.

To process the application for residence:
- Application duly completed
- Curriculum Vitae
- Photocopy of passport or identity card (only members of the Schengen area) duly legalized.
- Criminal record certificate of the country of origin and the countries of previous residence duly authenticated.
- 2 ID Photographies 3.5 x4 cm, where the applicant appears unmasked.
- Affidavit of Criminal Records
- Document proving Property (and in the event that the home is not your property, you must add a certificate of domicile)
- Supporting document of civil status
- Blade of signature
- Information of medical review and consent
- Diligence professional pay and conditions
- Payment of official fees 206,6 €