Normal regime (5% - 10%)

- The minimum share capital of the limited liability company is € 3,000 and the limited company is € 60,000.

- The liability of the members is only the debts you have the company in the limit of the value of their contributions or shares in the company and do not respond to your individual property , when the corporation is registered with the Register of Companies, and partners but also to respond with their personal assets .

- The Andorran companies must have a registered office within the territory of the Principality of Andorra.

- Taxation is a rate of 10 % ( the first 3 years : 5% of the tax base from 0 to 50,000 and the remaining 10%)

 * Sending forms completed
 * Delivery of the forms to the different administrations
 * Accompanying the administrators during the opening procedure
 * Fees for delivery of documents , Government and Common ( first year ) Notary (deeds and powers ) , fire extinguisher (high and freshmen) electric registration fee
 * Procedures Governing, Notary , Common , CASS and Taxes
 * 24h assistance on all matters relating to the procedure for opening