How to create a new company in Andorra?

In ICOB we create your custom business. The different tax regime ranges are from 0% to 10%.

The Andorran Society
Commercial companies in Andorra may take the form of Limited Company (SL) or (SA). Both  may be constituted by a single partner taking the name of Unipersonal Society.

The Company may have as Directors natural persons and legal entities. At the AGM is to appoint and determine the system of administration of the company:

    Adminstrator only.
    Board of Directors (collegiality)
    Joint Administrators (joint action)
    Solidarity Administrators (individual performance)

Social Capital
The share capital must be paid in full prior strarting. The amount should be deposited into an andorranian bank account . Then the bank must issue a special certificate, addressed to the notary appointed, responsible for completing formalities of the constitution. For a minimum Social Capital SL is 3000 € and there is no limit to the maximum of capital for this type of society, of SA is € 60,000.

Registered office
A Society of Andorra must have the Headquarters in Andorran territory.

By establishing a foreign investment company, we have to detailing what will be the effective beneficiaries of capital gains of the company.
Andorra confidentiality is taken very seriously, but they have recently signed agreements to exchange tax information with many countries.
This information is not automatically transmitted. The authorities of the requesting country must request them as mark the agreement.